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5 Mode Water Flosser

" Really glad I gave this water flosser a try. Even feels like my breath is fresher.  The best part is that it includes a variety of water nozzle heads. They’re very comfortable with just the right amount of pressure.  So much easier than manual flossing. Great addition to my oral care routine. Very happy with this purchase.!!" ✅ Melanie W. (Verified Buyer)


Get Flossy with H2O And Floss The Easy Way!

Flossing your teeth is an integral part of oral hygiene. With our Water Flosser, you can easily clean your teeth without making a mess or hurting your teeth or gums. By ensuring regular dental hygiene, and visits to the dentist for routine exams and cleanings, you can rest assured that your mouth will be well protected from oral health problems for a long time to come. 
Our Water Flosser is an oral health appliance that makes use of a jet of water to help you remove plaque, food, bacteria, and other debris from between your teeth and below the gum line.
Decades of compiled research show that water flossers are just as effective as string floss, if not more. In addition, they are a simple alternative that’s quicker and more comfortable than traditional flossing. And you don’t have to stick your fingers in your mouth to boot.



✅ COMPREHENSIVELY SOLVE & PREVENT ORAL PROBLEMS: The 360° rotatable nozzle design helps clean up the blind spots, remove debris. Deep clean teeth and prevent bad breath, yellow teeth, bleeding gums, etc. Perfect for braces, periodontitis, implants, etc. The innovative Soft Tube with gravity ball ensures that water can be sprayed completely regardless of the direction the water floss is tilted.

✅ UPGRADED 5 MODES: The teeth cleaner has 5 pulse water flow modes of 30-110PSI, is more professional than 3 modes water pick flosser. It not only deeply cleans 99.99% food residue and plaque, but also suits for sensitive teeth. The toothbrush and water flosser combo meets your various oral care needs.

✅ WATERPROOF & DETACHABLE WATER TANK: The double waterproof technology avoids leakage of electricity and water, allowing you to safely use the oral irrigator in the shower / bathroom. Considering the convenience of cordless water flosser, we adopt a sizeable but not bulky 300ml reservoir to avoid the hassle of frequent water refills.

✅ LONG LASTING BATTERY: Rechargeable oral irrigator with powerful 2500Mah lithium battery is able to last for 10-15 days once fully charged. The USB interface charging is applicable to a power bank, phone charger and PC. Etc.

✅ PORTABLE & QUALITY ASSURANCE:  Cordless and lightweight feature makes it ideal for travel and small bathroom.100% refund guarantee within 30 days and replacement guarantee within 12 months to ensure your 100% satisfaction.



Benefits of using a water flosser according to dentists:

  • Improve gum health - Water flosser allows you to quickly and easily remove plaque and food debris from places that are hard to reach. By cleaning these hard-to-reach areas, you can prevent diseases like gingivitis and other gum-related diseases.
  • Less Abrasive - Water flossers are very gentle compared to traditional floss. They are less likely to irritate your gums.
  • Ideal for braces - If you use braces, Invisalign or other orthodontic appliances, you will find it very difficult to floss your teeth using a traditional flosser. The jet stream from a water flosser can efficiently clean your teeth behind the wires and flush out any particles between the teeth without a problem.
  • Deep Cleaning - Dentists recommend water flossers especially to people who have experienced gum diseases in the past. Unlike a traditional floss, the water flosser is able to clean your teeth deeply by penetrating the periodontal pockets and removing any plaque or food between the teeth.
  • Easy Clean Stain - Effectively Remove Up To 99.9% Of Stain From Treated Areas. Great To Protect Your Daily Oral Health.
  • Massage Gum - Putting Artificial Massage Techniques, Loosening And Tightening, Speeding Up Food Residue Removal, Strengthening Gums, Strengthening Teeth.



One issue with daily flossing is that many people have a difficult time doing it properly. Most just put the floss between their teeth instead of making the recommended C-shape with the floss to insure it properly contacts all surfaces of the teeth. Plus, improper flossing can even cause gum tissue damage if done improperly. Water flossers are less technique-sensitive than string flossing, and don't require you to put your hands in your mouth or deal with used string floss. With less technique and pain involved, many people have more incentive to include flossing to their daily routine..
In addition, water flossing is extra useful for people with certain medical conditions like Parkinson’s or arthritis who find it difficult to handle string floss. Finally, using a water flosser can benefit those who find string flossing too unappealing to keep up a daily flossing habit.
If you’re concerned that you’re not flossing well enough or often enough, maybe it’s time to make the switch to our water flosser.




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