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Solar Energy UV Toothbrush Holder

" This thing is really awesome! It was very easy to install - I use it for my son's toothbrush and I like that it not only sterilizes it, but it also dries it and keeps it covered. It has a blue light on the top that I like because it lights up the bathroom just enough to see during the night without having to turn the main light on." ✅ Nikki M. (Verified Buyer)


If you want a clean modern and stylish bathroom this is a must-have!

Think about how often you deep clean your toothbrush. Just like me, the chances are that you never have.  That’s why this UV toothbrush sterilizer and holder solves a problem that nearly everyone faces.
Studies featured in various dental journals have demonstrated that UV toothbrush sanitizers reduce the number of bacteria and organisms on your toothbrush.
The home design of our toothbrush holder can store up to 4 toothbrushes, including electric toothbrush heads. 
The UV sterilizer bombards your toothbrush with a lot of super UV rays. It is especially effective in killing bacteria - viruses - tiny molds - molds and many other microorganisms that grow and multiply in toothbrush bristles.  UV sterilizers can also fight bacteria that cause bad breath and gum disease - gingivitis.  UV sensing technology, anti-virus does not hurt the skin.  Has a built-in magnetic sensor, with a user-friendly design to ensure safe use.



✅ 99.9% CLEAN RATE: Our toothbrush holder contains lamp beads with cleaning function.  The Free-standing toothbrush slot design, to effectively prevent touching between the tooth brushes.  It can offer your toothbrush a clean storage environment.  This toothbrush case works 99.9% efficiently, keep your toothbrush as good as new every day.

✅ SAVE SPACE: Perfect for families, 4 toothbrush slots, 1 toothpaste slot and 1 toothpaste squeezer clip; The size of slots is suitable for most toothbrush and toothpaste in daily life. Save space, stay organized and refuse messy.

✅ SAVE ENERGY: Advanced thin film solar panels provide any type of illumination for space stations, including natural daylighting and indoor lighting, eliminating the need for direct light, increasing light conversion rates by 10% and extending toothbrush holder operating time.

✅ SAVE MONEY: Sterility can extend toothbrush use time.  A monthly toothbrush replacement can be changed to a 2-3 month replacement time.

✅ SMART START AND STOP: After you leave the bathroom, the sterilization automatically turns on.  And it stops automatically when you approach it, with aero ultraviolet radiation.

✅ TOOTHBRUSH TUBE SQUEEZER:  Easy to use.  Push flattened end of tube into Squeeze it slot and pull through.  Easy to get all of the toothpaste down to the end of the tube. Save your money, reduce waste.



Benefits of using a water flosser according to dentists:

  • Fits All Toothbrushes:Whether you have a standard toothbrush, an electric toothbrush, a large or small toothbrush, or any other type of toothbrush, Bril works with all types of toothbrushes for people of all ages.
  • Kills Germs at a Molecular Level:Ultraviolet light works by disrupting the DNA of germs at a molecular level. It destroys their DNA. That’s why so many medical settings, aerospace environments, and other environments use UV light to sterilize surfaces.
  • Keep your Mouth and Body Healthy:Ingesting germs can be dangerous. When you brush your teeth with a toothbrush filled with germs, it can cause harm to your body. By keeping your toothbrush clean, it gives you a healthier mouth and body.
  • 24 Hour Toothbrush Protection:Keeps a physical barrier between your toothbrush and your bathroom. Instead of letting unpleasant bathroom vapors absorb into your toothbrush, you can keep your toothbrush protected 24 hours a day – even when the UV light isn’t running.



Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least two the three times per day for the best possible hygiene. As you use your toothbrush, bacteria from your mouth begins to grow and thrive on your bristles. Additionally, toothbrushes are almost always kept in the bathroom, an environment that does not have a reputation for being particularly clean or sterile.  One way to minimize bacterial growth and optimize your oral health, is with our UV Toothbrush Sterilizer.  The average toothbrush has 100 million germs on it right now. By using our UV toothbrush sterilizer every night, you can protect your toothbrush and avoid germs.



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