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Quality Compress - Air Compression Leg/Foot Massager

"This leg massager is fantastic! You strap in your legs and plug it in and away you go. I could feel my legs tension disappearing. I've wanted a compression system since I started cycling. After a hard ride, it makes your jelly legs feel like real legs again." ✅ Marissa Roberts (Verified Buyer)


Relieve Fatigue, Relax Muscles, Promote Blood Circulation!

The Quality Compress uses air to compress your legs, encouraging veins to loosen and expand. The increase in blood flow brings a host of benefits like reducing blood pressure, relieving pain & swelling, and increasing the flow of feel-good hormones.  Relax and recharge your body with the professional-quality compression massage device you can use at home. Kick your feet up and relax while the Quality Compress works to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve muscle recovery, and more.




✅ FULL LEG COVERAGE AIR COMPRESSION TREATMNET: An intensive work out regime requires recovery time to avoid injury and reach peak performance.  Our electric muscle stimulator machine targets your legs, loosening up tight muscles and breaking up stubborn knots. It promotes blood circulation and has the potential to drain excessive lactic acid, even with 1 hour of use per day!

✅ BOOST YOUR RECOVERY: You can use the leg compression massager for circulation every day to relieve pain, aid in muscle recovery, regain mobility, encourage blood flow, and improve blood pressure.

✅ 6 MASSAGE MODES: The leg AIR circulation machine comes with three intensities (Low-Middle- High), three modes, and optional (targeted) heat knee massager for pain relief. Adjust every therapy session according to your needs for that day. Secure your legs with the attached straps, use the handheld remote control, sit back, and let your feet, calves, and thighs loosen up and relax.

✅ GET BACK ON YOUR FEET: A busy, fast-paced lifestyle has you on your feet pretty much 24/7. And when it’s time to train or wind down at the end of the day, your legs are sore and achy! Our aim is to provide you with a reliable device that will help you recover quickly, loosening up tight muscles and breaking up stubborn knots and allow you to do what you love, without limitations. even with 1 hour of use per day!

✅ CORDLESS DESIGN:  You will not be restricted by messy and tangled cables and take it anywhere you want a massage, making the massage easier. It can work about 2-3 hours upon different modes once fully charged.

✅ EASY TO USE WITH REMOTE CONTROL: Adjust temperature and intensity at any time, making it so easy to use when changing modes.  Also has adjustable size for different people with Velcro bonding method. 




Compression therapy is well researched and has proven benefits in providing relief and preventing more serious problems. Some benefits include:

  • Prevention of leg swelling for people who stand or sit for long periods of time, like during a long flight
  • Management of varicose veins
  • Management of varicose veins and other leg symptoms during pregnancy
  • Prevention of venous thromboembolism in people who are immobile
  • Improved healing of leg ulcers
  • Prevention of leg ulcers coming back
  • Maintenance therapy for lymphedema
  • Improvement of chronic venous insufficiency and ulcer recurrence in older adults



 About 96% of reviewers recommend this device. The device incorporates the latest digital technology to provide dynamic compression to your feet or arms.

This leg/foot massager has extensive use in the sports environment, physical therapy sessions as well by professional athletes. They are essential in enhancing training and treating injuries.

Air compression therapy is one of the easiest and painless methods to accelerate recovery from a sports injury or simple muscle soreness. The method is effective and safe.  The rhythmic patterns of the compressed air alternate between relaxing and contracting the muscles in the legs and feet.  This jumpstarts the cardiovascular & lymphatic systems' process of removing metabolic waste from muscle tissue.




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Q1: What's the difference between Style A and Style B? A1: Just color difference . The function is exactly the same Q2: Is this for one leg or two legs ? A2: It's for two legs. for your health. we suggest you order items for 2 legs. and it's a best gift for your wife. your girlfriend. your mother.Q3: It this the same item as Amazon ?A3: It is the newest 2021 style updated version from AMAZON with 3 year Warranty for you.Q4: Is the pressure too low as others said?A4: The pressure can be adjusted. you can choose the one you want. the strongest pressure will bring some pain as I have tested.Q5: Will the package be damaged during delivery?A5: Frankly speaking, generally, the package will not be damaged because we have packed it well with protected box and It is best for gift. very elegant gift box. But for some countries shipping service, there will inevitably be some damage. all in all. contact seller before your complaint and bad reviews. Seller will try best to solve your problem.

Heating Tech at Knees

Unlike other leg massagers that do not offer any coverage at the knee part, 

ours have the full coverage of your legs 

and added the heating technology at the knee part (an optional function according to your need) for a better massage experience.

Cordless Massager

With the cordless design, you will not be restricted by messy and tangled cables and take it anywhere you want a massage,

 making the massage easier. It can work about 2-3 hours upon different modes once fully charged for 4 hours.

Safe Massager

The leg massager will stop working after 20minute operation, if you still want to keep massaging your legs, 

you need to turn it on again. This function is very helpful to the elderly and those who are easy to fall asleep during massage.


Technical Parameter Power Specification: 5V 2A 

Output Voltage: 3.7V 2.5A 

Product Power: 10W 

Automatic Shutdown Time: 20min 

Noise Level: 57dB for low mode; 60dB for the high mode 

6 Modes: Auto, Leg, Foot, Press, Pinch, Relax Massage

 Intensity: Foot 30kpa, 36kpa, 38kpa; Calf: 22kpa, 24kpa, 30kpa; 

Thigh: 22kpa, 24kpa, 30kpa 

Knee temperature: 35℃, 45℃, 55℃, (default low temperature 35℃)

 Leg Circumference Size: 

Maximum foot circumference: 36cm 

Maximum calf circumference: 55.5CM 


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