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Fruit Infusion Water Bottle

“I love this water bottle infuser!! I’m tired of plain water and it's hard to find anything on the market that isn't filled with extras i.e. sugar. This baby allows me to have the best of both worlds… Yummy fruit infused water w/o all the added stuff that I don't need or want!!!” ✅Kathryn Barnett (Verified Buyer)


With your Brand New H2O Infuser Water Bottle, you can make your own infused water and enjoy a deliciously flavored beverage without artificial colors. You'll be inspired to drink more water...the easiest way to stay slim, healthy, and energized.
It's super easy to use… Just fill the water infuser with your favorite fruits like lemons or mint, cucumber, ginger, strawberries, lime, etc. Just place them inside the drinking water bottle, and your fruit infused water will be ready in no time!
And think of all the money you'll save! No more buying expensive bottled water, sports drinks, soda or "vitamin" flavored water, which are full of refined sugar and empty calories. must have for the gym, sports, yoga, hiking, camping, & traveling.

Zero Calorie Drink:You can forget about counting your calories, because fruit infused water has zero calories. Kick those sugary drink cravings out the door!

Flush Toxins:The citric acids and antioxidants help influence your body to kick into gear and flush out those nasty toxins, which is key to making your body feel its best!

Boost Metabolism:Fruits such as blueberries, oranges, apples, and raspberries infused with water, help your metabolism to work faster, helping you burn more calories.

Healthy Heart & Skin: The antioxidants found in organic fruit will help your body protect your heart, as well as your skin, eyes, and other components.

Increase Energy:If you're going on a long hike or even just have a dreary day at work, bringing along some fruit infused water to give you a boost to stay focused and awake.

Boost Your Mood:Giving yourself a healthy boost of flavor can help enhance your energy and your mood!

  • Bottom cup infuser:Unscrew the bottom cup of the infuser bottle, flip the bottle onto the top cap, place a piece of your fruity preference onto the infuser and close the see-through lid. Flip the bottle and shake it well for a tasty beverage.
  • Choose the food of your choice:The 7cm wide infuser can hold a piece of your favorite foods like limes, oranges, cucumber, strawberries or even ginger. Cut them in pieces and place it gently over the infuser tip so that they start secreting the juice before closing it with the plastic cup.
  • Eco-friendly:The Fruit Infusion Water Bottle is constructed with BPA-free, FDA Food-grade material that’s perfectly safe for your health.
  • Compact size:The transportable size of this Bottle makes it convenient to be hung on your bike, baby’s stroller, or tossed into a bag or tote while you go out for gym, swimming, or yoga sessions. It’s lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
  • Appropriate for all ages:The anti-leak property and light weight of the H2O Water Bottle makes it a suitable choice for the kids as well as the adults. Don’t miss a chance to stay hydrated everywhere.
  • Capacity:650ml

Can you believe how many benefits there are? This isn't even all of them. We have always been told to "drink lots of water," but there are so many delicious drinks out there to tempt ourselves with. Fruit infused water really is the best solution out there because it tastes good and has even more benefits than plain water itself. A must have for the gym, sports, yoga, hiking, camping, & traveling.

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