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Tactical Dog Harness

“My dog use to pull like a freaking psycho. He would choke himself to where he couldn’t breathe and his eyes would be blood shot red. It was so bad we couldn’t take him anywhere. One walk with this harness and he doesn’t pull hardly at all anymore? It is a miracle!” ✅Andrew Torres (Verified Buyer)

No more embarrassing walks with your dog choking themselves! Our tactical dog harness is comfortable, durable, and easy to use. You and your pet will love it!

Do you have abig overpowering dog who getssuper excited every time you take him for a walk? Hard to control, right? Ourtactical dog harness is perfect for you! Made withdurable material &soft padding, ourhigh quality 1000D nylon is well padded in all pressure areas which provides acomfortable fit for your pup. It comes with 4 quick release buckles which makes itsuper easy to put on and take off while providing extra security so your dog can’t get away. Still worried about being able to control your pup? Our tactical dog harness also comes with one top handle for your dog's lead & control and one V-ring on the front for dog leash attachment. And if that’s not enough, it comes with aMOLLE System too! Each side features two MOLLE straps as well as hoop & loop strips panel toeasily attach molle pouches or ID panels. Never have a bad walk again!

Affordable, Easy to Adjust, and Super Comfortable!

EASY TO USE:4 quick release buckles make it easy to put on and take off while still providing extra security so that your pup can’t run away and won’t get uncomfortable while he’s getting in the harness

NO PULL/SAFETY CONTROL: Connect your leash to the no pull front clip and redirect the dog’s forward motion and stay in control your pup with minimal effort

COMFORT IS KEY: Never worry about your dog becoming irritable while in his new harness. Enjoy long lasting comfort while you get your pup some exercise

SIZE VARIATION: Harness comes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large Never have to worry about having to find a harness that fits. If the harness is to big/small, send it back and we will provide you with the correct size

HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS: Have a big dog? No need to stress about the harness breaking. It is made with our high quality 1000D nylon and is well-padded in all pressure areas for a comfortable, yet secure fit.

Never worry about a choking dog again!

If you’re like me and have a big and strong dog, I’m sure you’ve taken him for a walk only to have him be so excited that he chokes himself. Never again. Our high-quality tactical dog harness is made with durable materials to ensure it never breaks, comes padded to provide extra comfort, and has a MOLLE system for easy adjustment. Both you and your pup deserve to enjoy a nice long walk without having to tussle with each other!

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